COVID 19 – Latest Update

Safety Is Our Priority

We just couldn’t wait for February 2021 to reunite with our members and so, the JSTC team have been working diligently in the background to get our doors back open. We acknowledge that this time has been a surreal and challenging experience for both parents and children. Especially with the added pressures of home schooling. We really wanted to provide the parents with an opportunity to have a break and for the children to look forward to some fun during the summer holidays.

As everyone is well aware and are feeling the effects of covid-19, these are very uncertain times. With that being said, our team is working hard to ensure that our highest priority is the safety and well-being of anyone who attends or visits the JSTC camps. Due to the safety measures that will be put in place, camp will have a slightly different feel to it. Nevertheless, our aim is to find a balance and keep things as normal and smooth running as possible. 

Jump Starters will be following the guidance set out by the government, enabling us to meet the safety standards of running a childcare provision during the pandemic. Below are some of the measures that have be put in place to give you an understanding and peace of mind of what a Jump Starters camp will look like for you and your child during these times;


Once your child has registered, as previously done, they will be assigned to a group dependent on age bracket. Due to the pandemic this will be your child’s ‘bubble’. What does this mean? This means, the group that your child is assigned to will be the group they remain in for the duration of the week. All activities throughout the day, including play times and lunch times, will be done in participation of this group. It also means that these activities will be staggered from group to group.

Drop-offs and Collections

As you are familiar with the social distancing rule, it is vital that we do not have the large groups of parents dropping off or collecting their children at the same time. We must also avoid parent’s congesting in the reception areas or on any of the grounds of the venue. Taking that into consideration, as well as parents needing to travel to and from work, each group will be given a time or drop off and collection location at the school. It is imperative that you stick to your given times or locations. Not sticking this will mean you will have to wait until all groups have been collected and the area is safe for you to collect your child. Although, you are welcome to collect your child during the day, but we would just ask that you notify one of the team before your arrival.

Please be advised that late fees are still in effect. Please see our camp policy for more details.

Protective Wear & Precautions

Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance and around the camp. We would like to encourage all attendees and visitors to use the hand sanitisers on arrival. We welcome personal hand sanitizer and will do our utmost to aid the children in the use of it for the duration of the day. However, we will maintain our usual policy of washing our hands before and after breaks.

Please be aware that some staff may be wearing face masks out of preference for their safety and the safety of everyone around. We understand that this may be confusing to some children. Our aim is to provide a normal environment as much as possible. All staff will be in the Jump Starters uniform that will be clearly identifiable. We also encourage those parents who wish to send their child to camp with a mask to do so. Again, we will do our best to aid the children for the duration of the day with any protective wear. However, please be advised that we do not claim any liability for any lost or damage protective wear. We suggest the use of disposable protective wear, where possible. 

Please be advised that if your child displays any symptoms during their time at the camp, we will contact the parent/emergency contact provided. Arrangement will need to made for your child to be collected immediately. Whilst your child is waiting to be collected, they will be isolated from their group to ensure the safety of the child and the everyone at the camp. Your child will remain supervised at all times. 

In the event that your child displays symptoms in the morning, prior to them coming to the camp. Please do not bring your child in. If we observe that your child is displaying any symptoms on arrival, we will have to ask you to take your child home.


Usually we offer hot meals for the duration of our camps. However, to maximise the health and safety standards we will be providing cold lunches four days a week, which will consist of a sandwich, a snack and drink. We will offer hot meals once a week and this is likely to be burger and fries. Meals will cost £2 per day. A £3 meal deal will also be available. This includes the lunch and a break time snack. These can be booked and purchased on the website. 

For those that do not wish to purchase the JSTC meals, you will need to provide your child with lunch and snacks for each day.

Whilst we endorse sharing and love that al of our Jump Starters kids are so kind and caring, please urge your child that they cannot share their pack lunches. We will also be echoing this to our kids during camp.


Risk assessments have been carried out prior to our doors opening and will be reviewed and updates were necessary. We have equipped ourselves for the sanitization of all equipment used for our activities between group sessions and the beginning and end of each day.


As per our policy, all children attending JSTC summer camp MUST be wearing a Jump Starters t-shirt. This is available for purchase on our website.

You can register your child by visiting the Jump Starters TC website. Please visit our website for our information videos, where you can find all the information in this letter amongst other things.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us by email and one our team will be at hand to assist you as soon as possible.

As mentioned before, our goal is to make sure that the environment is as normal as it can possible be. We do not want the pandemic to overshadow the Fun, Learning Experience that Jump Starters have provided in our previous camps.

For further guidance please visit the website. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Jump Starters TC Summer Camp 2020!!!

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